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Nice Shrimp out of a plastic tarp

Shrimp with red stripes

On a recent dive trip to Teluk Kembahu (TK) our Guide Indra showed me this weird shrimp. He was actually trying to find a Bumblebee Shrimp by looking under a pile of old ropes, that were encrusted with a big plastic tarp. But instead he found a big colony of various shrimps including Brittle Star Snapping Shrimps, Big Snapping Shrimps, Rough Tail Sponge Shrimp, Tiger Shrimp and this weird Shrimp. It is a Snapping Shrimp of the Genus Athanas and we found it to be living not on Brittlestars but with a small sea cucumber. There were about 4 or 5 of them. Even though it was not a bumblebee … still a very nice find – specially as i have never photographed this shrimp before.

Mating Wonderpuses

Wonderpus mating in Lembeh

This week we had a couple of wonderful dives at TK Bay – with many different critters including Velvet Ghost Pipefish (white), Seahorses, Cockatoo Flounder, Coconut Octopus, Tiger Shrimps and many more. But the highlight was for sure this couple of mating Wonderpuses. We watched them mating for about 10 minutes before they split. Even though i have seen this before, this was the first time carrying a camera. And it was also pretty much the first time that i used the video function of the 7D (in almost 2 years …). So here is some shaky and out of focus footage of this very special moment:

Wonderpus Mating

Mating Wonderpus

Mating Wonderpus

Yesterday we had a terrific second morning dive. After a rather mediocre dive at “Hey Nus” we went to Teluk Kembahu for the second dive. There we found several seahorses, Coconut Octopus, Mimic Octopus, various cool nudibranchs and lots of other cool stuff. But the real highlight of the dive were these two wonderpus mating. Our guide Joni found them and his guests Kristine and Bruce were lucky enough to witness this very special moment. You can clearly see, that the male has a rather orange-brown pattern and the female a rather white-brown pattern. The male is just jumping on the female in this picture – thank you very much to Bruce for this cool shot.

Cool Baby Seahorse

Small yellow Thorny Seahorse

On todays second morning dive we went to Teluk Kembahu 1 (TK1) – a very popular dive site in Lembeh Strait. But one that hasn’t been dived much recently. A good reason for us to give it a try … because we not only like to discover new critters, we also enjoy diving without other boats on a dive site. And it paid off: At around 20 Meters we found this beautiful coloured juvenile Thorny Seahorse posing in between poppy orange sponges. The picture might not show it well, but it was about the size of a matchbox. This was specially nice for our Guest Ekaterina which really wanted to see seahorses today … we saw several common Seahorses in various sizes on the first dive and then found this beauty on the second dive. Mission accomplished 😉

Happy Mimic End

We went out today and planned a dive at Batu Sandar looking for Pygmy Seahorses – but as it is with plans, we ended up somewhere else instead: it was a little too choppy for good pictures of Pygmy Seahorses. So we changed divesite and decided to go to TK (Teluk Kembahu). A good decision: We saw several Coconut Octopus, 2 Hairy Ghost Pipefish, a lot of Nudis, Seahorses and other stuff … and at the end of the dive we found a very nice Mimic Octopus. It had just the perfect size, all arms were intact and it was in a good show off mood – flashing its stripe pattern and performing classic mimic moves for all 5 guests. We spend a good 10 minutes with the little Octopus before he safely returned into his hole. Thank you little Mimic Octopus!