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Bubble Shell out at daytime

Micromelo undata

Some Critters can be seen at daytime but others only at night – like for example the Bubble Shells: They are burried in the Sand during the day and come out at night. But this Wavy Lined Bubble Shell (Micromelo undata) must have been doing overtimes … our guide Paulus found it on yesterdays’s morning dive at Nudi Retreat out on the sand. Even seen at night, Bubble Shells are not very common, but finding one in the daytime is rather special. A cool find for our guests Tyra and Dustin that finished one week of diving with Paulus as their private guide. Have a safe flight home guys and see you again next year!

Joni in love with Angel’s Window


Yesterday morning we went to Angel’s Window for the first dive – a popular Coral Dive on the northern side of the Lembeh Strait. It is a Pinnacle with a cave swim-through, nice walls, good coral life and many critters such as Pygmy Seahorses, Boxer Crabs and Nudibranchs. But yesterday this dive was specially beautiful – the current was very mild and the visibility extemely good (for Lembeh). In this picture you can see our Dive Guide Joni enjoying the fantastic diving conditions. I took this shot from the ladder of the boat and it shows, that you can see the entire piccacle from the surface. We hope to have similar conditions today …

Dragon Shrimp

Dragon Shrimp on Black Coral

On yesterday’s morning dives i came across this beautiful shrimp: A Dragon Shrimp (Miropandalus hardingi). It’s a 2cm long shrimp that lives on black corals and has a green-yellow colouration. Even though it looks a little bit like the more common whip coral shrimps dasycaris zansibarica (on spine) and Pontonides ankeri (no spines) this shrimp has 3 big and long spines on its back that give him its dragon like look. I spend a good 15 minutes photographing this little shrimp while not paying attention to the frenetic tank banging sounds in the background – after the dive it turned out, that i missed a blue ringed octopus and a harlequin shrimp that our guide Stenly had found in the meantime 😉

The Dive Team at NAD Lembeh

The main thing people come to Lembeh for is diving. And diving in Lembeh Strait does not only mean beeing in the water but more finding cool stuff, rare stuff, freaky stuff you don’t get to see in other places. This is why we put a lot of effort in having a   top notch dive team here at NAD Lembeh. Right now our team consists of 9 People.

Paulus (see picture) is our Dive Guide Supervisor and mentor of many dive Guides here in Lembeh Strait. His Dive Log is in the 5 digit numbers and he has learned guiding from Larry Smith in 1996 and passes on his knowledge to our other dive guides. He knows all the critters and we are very proud to have him here.

Our other Guides are Joni (Senior Guide), Indra (Senior Guide), Stenley (Senior Guide), Johan (Senior Guide / on a temporary leave), Aso, Marnez and Abner. An then there is Serge, the Dive Manager that also comes along on the dives to co-guide and take pictures for this Blog. And on very rare occasions you can even see Simon going diving with his camera or teaching photo classes.

October was good – Thanks for a great month!

It’s the second of November, the dive boats are out, some lovely guests just left for their plane and the resort is empty – a good moment to recapture the last month when a lot of things happened here at NAD Lembeh: We had a lot of nice guests from Holland, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Belgium, France, Malaysia, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Amerika, New Zealand, South Africa and Austria … thank’s guys – we had a great time & fantastic dives with you!

Besides lot’s of special Critters like Hairy Octopus, a possibly new discovered species of shrimp (article with follow), special frogfishes and all  other Lembeh Critters we also had a Mola Mola sighting at Angles Window, Sharks and Eagle Rays at East Lembeh and Batu Kapal plus very good diving on our new housereef wrecks. So divingwise it was a very good month.

Also we have now a very complete and experienced dive team with 8 Dive Guides (plus trainees), a new Dive Manager (me, Serge), bigger 100cf tanks, some DIN tanks and a new Dive Boat with new 4 Stroke Engienes.

Other additions and innovations are two brand new Seaview Bungalows, a new Roof and verandas on the Beachfront Rooms, a rain collection System which we will finish this month, a breakfast egg station in the restaurant plus some very talented new restaurant staff.

So all in all we are very happy with October and hope that November will be just as good … come here and check it out!

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