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3 different Orchids flowering

Orchids in the garden at NAD Lembeh

As always we are working on our cosy garden and we just finished a new nature stone path through the garden with little paths going to each room. We also planted new, lush grass, put decorative white pebble along the building and removed some old flowerbeds to increase the seaview experience. And our plants seem to love it: 4 Orchids of 3 different species are flowering right now in our garden. Plus our Choclate Habanero plants are starting to fruit extensively and we harvested our first 2 pumpkins. So also above water, there is a lot to see these days.

Orchids flowering

Orchid flowering in the garden of NAD Lembeh Resort

After posting many Posts about the marine life of Lembeh Strait in our Lembeh Blog we now have some updates from our garden (in which we right now – due to gardening projects – spend more time, than in the water). We are proud to announce that some of the Orchids, that we planted on the trees in our garden are flowering. The one on the picture is just in front of room number 5 and there are more coming in front of room number 7. Another Orchid on the path to the bungalows just finished flowering. And we also started to harvest various types of chilies: green and red Jalapenos, Twilights, Maldivian Chili and Rica Panjang. Besides that we now have a big stock of Basil, Rosemary, Dill and Mint. We are very happy to see that they plants are feeling well in our garden.

Lembeh Garden Critters … our first Pineapple



Lembeh is famous for Muckdives and Critters … but also on Land there is a lot to see in our Resort – for exemple in the garden. We have been very busy planting various Chilies, herbs, flowers and fruits and we can now proudly announce that finally the first one of our pineapple plants is fruiting! We are already really excited and looking forward to tasty homegrown Pina Coladas after a long day of Muck Diving.

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Hot times in Lembeh

Hot times in Lembeh

To spice up our resort a little bit, we have planted a lot of different herbs and chilis in the garden. Besides Rosemarin, Basil and Mint, we also cultivate Dwarf Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Habaneros, Jalapenos, Maldivian Chili and the legendary Bhut Jolokia. This picture is a shot of our first fruiting Jalapeno plant … and a lot are following up. So extra sauces are coming up for those who whish to spice up their meals …

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