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Nice Diving at Pulau Abadi

These days we have been back to Pulau Abadi – a divesite in front of Bitung harbour, that has a nice rubble patch and also a beautiful coral reef. Our guest saw lots of cool things there including frogfish, flamboyant cuttlefish, ribbon eels and a wonderpus (that disappeared in its hole unfortunately). My personal highlight of that dive were these three though: A Cuttlefish eating a shrimp (he kept hunting it for quite some time while i watched it through the viewfinder), 2 Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorses cuddling and hitting each others heads and an algae with 7 (yes, 7!!) Picachu Nudibranchs in it (see 2 of them on photo). Oh … and there was also a beautiful school of barracuda. And all that just in front of Bitung’s Deep Sea Harbour … typically Lembeh 😉


Nudibranch predation

Jorunna with Gymnodoris feeding on its gills

This week Mood – one of our repeater guests that has been here at NAD Lembeh many times – found this yellow Nudibranch at Nudifalls: a Bristly Jorunna (jorunna pavra). He had never seen this particular Nudi before, so he stayed there for a while. Eventually he recognized a little white “Blob” at the gills of the Nudibranch and wondered what this could be. As the yellow nudi was already quite small, it was not easy to determine with the eye. As so often in Lembeh a photograph and a look on the LCD screen helped a lot …

That “Blob” actually turned out to be a Nudibranch as well – a predator Nudibranch: a juvenile orange spotted Gymnodoris. And as a predator, it was feeding on the gills of the jorunna. Several species of Gymnodoris can be seen here in Lembeh Strait, with this kind of orange spotted Gymnodoris arguably beeing the most common one. All Gymnodoris  feed on other dorid nudibranchs … usually they follow their trails and then catch them. Juveniles are either catching small dorids or – like seen here in the picture – feeding on the gills of bigger nudibranchs.

Pygmy Squid eats Shrimp

Pygmy Squid eats Shrimp in Lembeh Straight

On today’s second morning dive at Jahir 2 we went looking for the Hairy Frogfish (which Abner found). While everyone took pictures of the Frogfish that was posing nicely at 7 meters depth, i stayed a little deeper looking for small things. At around 15 meters depth i found this little Pygmy Squid hiding in a piece of Halimeda Algae. This little guy is about the size of a Rice Grain – so the perfect subject for the 100mm Macro with the +10 Subsee Diopter. After i took some shots of it i suddenly saw it shooting forward and coming back to the algae. As i was watching this through the viewfinder i did not realize straight away what happened. Only after refocussing i could see the little shrimp moving struggling to escape the Pygmy Squids tentacles. A fantastic experience to witness predation of such a tiny animal – tiny but as action loaded than a feeding shark (well … almost).

Cool Video shot at NAD Lembeh Housereef

Yesterday afternoon and evening Simon took his Sony EX1 Video Camera on 2 housereef dives here at NAD Lembeh. He had Century Diopters mounted on his Sealux housing for extra magnification (2 stacked on the afternoon and one on the nightdive). Watch this short clip with some of the critters he found – just a small selection of the cool stuff we are finding there these days …

Since Simon and Zee had their Baby, Simon hasn’t been diving much – and if, then he mostly used a Canon EOS 7 in his Nauticam housing. Only this week he started getting ready his Sealux to shoot video again. After not having used it for a while (a long while), the battery pack of the monitor did not work anymore. But he really wanted to use it, so he started a late night soldering session in our office – until everything workes flawlessly again 😉