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2nd East Lembeh Trip in October

On the 15th we went on our second East Lembeh Trip for this month and we had a blast again – with Big Fish on all dives: Sharks, Eagle Rays, Giant Trevallies, fantastic Coral, cool Canyons and spectacular walls. And we even found a couple of Halimeda Ghostpipefish on the third dive. In between dives we had a picnic on the beach and fresh coconuts from the palmtrees. And not to forget: A coolbox with ice cold beers for the way back to the resort … we will keep doing these trips!

Some Coral Photos From East Lembeh

Divers in East-LembehNow Simon managed to download his photos, we have a few (not many due to strobe batteries not being used for several months) photos from East-Lembeh.  The Sites were lovely as mentioned in the previous post, and the topography was fantastic.  There can be current, but that can’t be helped when diving in exposed areas.

These trips are dependant on weather, and as such if interested you should enquire beforehand, but we cant give a definite answer until a few days before!

The trip involves 2 dives on the Eastern Side of Lembeh, lunch on the beach / boat, then one dive in the south on the way back around to the Straits.

It is great Wide angle diving, but you can also get some good macro/telephoto shots of nudibranchs and Anthias.


Simon goes diving!

After all the modifications to the resort… 2 new bungalows and new terraces on the rooms… (Pics to follow shortly!) Simon took a trip on our new boat, Banggai (II).  She is a little smaller than stargazer and takes upto 8 divers, she also uses nice new 4 stroke engines.  The first day of diving we saw a Mola – Mola in Angels Window as well as a large white tip, then the next day we took Banggai with 8 lovely guests from the Netherlands, UK and Sweden to the East Side of Lembeh.

On this trip we did the first dive at Pulau Dua, where we saw some White Tip Sharks and some nice big schools of fuseliers, Big Eye’s and Pennant Bannerfish.  On the Second Dive we had a blast, diving in and out of Canyons, seeing beautiful soft corals and some cool cleaning stations down in the Deep.  Aso even had time to find a few boxer crabs.  After lunch on the beach we headed back to South Lembeh and dove Kapal Indah where we found 4 huge beautiful Ornate Ghostpipefish, some Pygmy Seahorses,  Blue Ribbon Eels and some cool Nudi’s.

Here’s a few Photos of the Ghost Pipefish: