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Christmas in Lembeh

Over Christmas we were lucky to have so many cool guests, and we had a great time.

On Christmas Eve we went Santa-ing to our village, Mawali.

Lembeh Santa

Lembeh Santas – Mood, Zee, Bella, Simon, Serge

As we went around the village with bags of candies, we found all the kids ran away, sometimes screaming.

There were kids playing here before we arrived...

There were kids playing here before we arrived…

What we didnt know is that Santa out here is used as a threat… ‘if you are a naughty boy then Santa will come and get you’

So the sight of 3 Bule’s running around the village scared the crap out of a lot of the kids until they realised where we were from, then things warmed up a little.

We did, however get to go any visit / annoy all our staff from the village, and of course anyone who has stayed with us will know how much we enjoy to annoy Rockles!

Rockles with his Christmas Hangover.

Rockles with his Christmas Hangover.

By the end we had a bunch of kids with us looking for the candy, so Simon became serious Santa and told them to make sure the wrappers went in the bin not the sea!

We hope you all had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

SBuxton_IN_1200776 (2)

Mawali Kids

SBuxton_IN_1200731 (2)

Franky and Family

Franky and Family

Santa gets serious on plastics

Santa gets serious on plastics

Nina's family

Nina’s family

NAD Family

NAD Family

Some guy we picked up

Some guy we picked up

Speedy Santa with Joubert.

Speedy Santa with Joubert.

Visiting Marce's house

Visiting Marce’s house

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New/Old Guest Blogger for December

So here it is: My second Introduction Post on the NAD Lembeh Blog.

My Name is Serge and after having written the updates here for one year as the Dive Manager i am now back for a 1 month visit and will use my time to keep you updated on what’s going on at NAD Lembeh – on land and of course underwater!

First of all i want to say something about the resort itself: It is amzing how many improvements Simon, Zee and the team have made! New entrances to the Beachfront Rooms, a entirely new Restaurant with a second floor Bar/Lounge area, a new kitchen, improved compressor facilities with a Nitrox membrane (my favourite!) and new boats and engines. I can’t imagine how they did all this in only 6 months, but they did it 😉

And second: I am also suprised by the good diving. There are many Frogfish around, good Blue Ring Octopus action (with sightings basicly every day), some fantastic Nudibranches, crazy Shrimps and tons of other cool critters. I had my third dive day today and i already can’t remember what i have already seen. And with the fantastic team of Dive Guides (Paulus, Joni, Stenly, Johan, Indra, Abner, Marnez and Steven) i am sure i will have a great time.

Tangkoko Tour

Visiting Tangkoko National Park is a fun way to spend an afternoon when staying in Lembeh.

The highlight is obviously the Tarsier, a minute primate that loves to eat grasshoppers and nocturnal insects, Tangkoko is famous for it’s Tarsiers and Black Macaques, but you have to go earlier to see the Macaques and i’m always late!    We actually have a very healthy population of Tarsiers  living around the resort and on a good night you can hear more than 15 of them squeaking away (this is probably bad for the Tarsier as they only shriek when a family member is missing).

A Spectral Tarsier sitting in a Tree, Tangkoko National Park.

On the Tangkoko tour you can also see Black Macaques, and sometimes Hornbills.  You will need mosquito repellant and comfortable shoes, and probably a raincoat if you’re unlucky!

Black Macaque by Bent Christensen

Black Macaque by Bent Christensen


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NAD Lembeh Trip Report

Vivian at Nad-Lembeh Resort

Vivian and her two Friends George and Carolyn stayed with us in March this year. Now she just put up a trip review on her website. We thought we share this, as she put a lot of effort, pictures and information into this report. Thank you very much Vivian for this nice review 😉 Lembeh Photo Shootout 2012

Shootout at NAD Lembeh Resort

NAD Lembeh proudly announces, that will be hosting a UW Photography Shoot Out at NAD Lembeh Resort this December.

Date: 8~15th Dec 2012
Location: NAD Lembeh Resort, Lembeh Strait, North sulawesi, Indonesia
Prizes: Over US$35,000 including Cash prizes.
Please note, the list of great prizes will keep growing so please keep visiting Photo Shootout Page to see what’s new!

* 08th : Registration & Orientation, Welcome Function
* 09 ~ 13th : Dive Photo Contest, Photo Seminar
* 14th : Awards Ceremony
* 15th : departure from the resort

Official Photo Shootout Page:
More detail will be here:
Photo Contest Rules:

Judges: Simon Buxton plus other judges TBA

– NAD Lembeh Resort
– Nauticam International Ltd.
– Maluku Divers
– Cam Square
– GoPro for UnderWater
– FUN-IN Underwater Photo Equipment Co., Ltd.
– Halcyon Korea
– more TBA.

Media Partner: ScubaNet

Package Price: US$965.00/person (ROH)
Package Inclusions:
* Accommodation (Twin share basis)
* All meals, morning and afternoon snacks
* Guided boat dives x 17 (air)
* unlimited Self-guided House Reef diving
* All tax
* EXCLUDE: Airport Transport: USD$40/car/max 4pax/one way

For book your seat, please contact

Geoffrey’s 100th dive!

A cake for his 100th dive

Even though his group had only 2 dive days at NAD Lembeh Resort (they have been in Manado before), Geoffrey could log his 100th dive in his logbook. His Dive buddy Daniel secretly informed us – so it was a big surprise for Geoffrey when the restaurant staff switched off the lights and brought out the cake and the guitarrs. Congratulation Geoffrey and keep diving!

New NAD Lembeh Maskstraps

Neoprene Mask Strap

Since Yesterday we have NAD Lembeh branded Maskstraps in our shop. They are made from Neoprene and are adjustable with velcro … Bella (Zee and Simon’s daughter) really likes them. So we will keep one for her until she finally can start diving. We now have T-shirts, Polos, Caps and Maskstraps on stock … and we are already thinking about, what we could brand next 😉