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Spot The Difference

These two Shrimpgobies are very similar, and if you aren’t paying much attention you will dismiss them as being the same.

These are two of my favourite critters, and i consider them a connoisseur’s choice when people make their wishlist for Lembeh.  They are very hard to shoot until you hit Zen mode and all the wildlife starts ignoring you, add to that once you scare them you have to wait 5 minutes minimum for them to come out of their hole again – it can eat up your divetime quite quickly.

The big give away between the two is the dorsal fin, and you will also notice that thier behaviour is a little different – the Yellownose has a cool way of displaying to show it’s territory.

Yellownose Shrimp Goby

Yellownose Shrimp Goby

Black-Ray Shrimpgoby

Black-Ray Shrimpgoby


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