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Tangkoko Tour

Visiting Tangkoko National Park is a fun way to spend an afternoon when staying in Lembeh.

The highlight is obviously the Tarsier, a minute primate that loves to eat grasshoppers and nocturnal insects, Tangkoko is famous for it’s Tarsiers and Black Macaques, but you have to go earlier to see the Macaques and i’m always late!    We actually have a very healthy population of Tarsiers  living around the resort and on a good night you can hear more than 15 of them squeaking away (this is probably bad for the Tarsier as they only shriek when a family member is missing).

A Spectral Tarsier sitting in a Tree, Tangkoko National Park.

On the Tangkoko tour you can also see Black Macaques, and sometimes Hornbills.  You will need mosquito repellant and comfortable shoes, and probably a raincoat if you’re unlucky!

Black Macaque by Bent Christensen

Black Macaque by Bent Christensen


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