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Beautiful Tiger Cowrie found

Crenavolva tigris

On a recent dive our Dive Guide Paulus found this beautiful Tiger Cowrie (Crenavolva tigris) on a red seafan, which it feeds on. This Yellow-Black patterned Cowrie is a real beauty and well deserves the name tiger cowrie, which is also commonly used for the much bigger but also much less attractive and less rare Cypraea tigris. Anyway … well spotted Paulus! We hope it will stay on its seafan for a while.

Porpoises on our housereef

Porpoises in the Lembeh Strait

Porpoises in the Lembeh Strait

Over the last three days we were lucky enough to have a pod of porpoises staying just off our housereef.  They spent most of the day doing these strange manouvers, raising and lowering their tails out of the water.  We were even lucky enough to see them whilst freediving from a kayak, in the evenings we could hear them breathing just in front of our diveboats when sat on our jetty.    It is not unusual to see Dolphins and Cetaceans in the Lembeh Strait but it is unusual to see them underwater.


Other than this the diving has been good, with sightings of Blue Ring, Mimic Ocotopus, Wonderpus, Hairy Frogfish, Halameda Ghost Pipefish