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World’s cutest Goby

Blackfin Coral Goby

This is – what i believe – the world’s cutest Goby: The Panda Goby (Blackfin Coral Goby / Paragobiodon lacunicolus). This shy little fish grows to maximum 3cm in size and lives exclusively in Pocillopora damicornis hard corals. His sandy coloured body, with dark fins and his orange head in combination with his face expression make him so attractive to most Goby lovers. But the Panda Goby is not only a cutie … it is also very difficult and frustrating to photograph it: It is hiding deep inside the coral branches – which makes it difficult to light. Plus it is constantly changing position. The key is to watch it for a while and figure out, which branches and spots within the coral it preferrs … and then wait for your shot. It might cost you a whole dive though …

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