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Greenwater Macro

Frogfish in bad vis

Lembeh Strait is famous for rare Critters, Black Sand Muck dives, and the Mekka for divers that want to see rare creatures. But it is also a place that often has very limited visibility. Like for example the last week: After a long period of reasonably good visibility (for Lembeh that means 10+ meters) we started getting water with 5 meters vis and totally green water. But as you are looking at tiny creatures it does not really matter. Actually it even opens new photographic possibilities! This little Frogfish we found on a dive at “Bianca” last week, when visibility was really bad … even though it was a PM dive with good weather, at 15 meters we had the impression, that it was dusk. And the water looked really, really green. So i decided to try something new and do a “Green Water Anbient Light Macro”. With an Aperture of f8 and a shutter speed of 1/6th of a second i achieved this green background – and i must say it fits really well with the red of the Frogfish and the yellow of the sponge. So even if visibility is not always supergood on your Lembeh trip – don’t worry, try to use the water colour for your UW Photography!



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