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Markus and Nicole – the Frogfish Maniacs

One of the 25 Frogfishes seen by Markus

Today Markus and Nicole from Germany left NAD Lembeh Resort after a 20 days stay with us. And during that stay we found out really quickly that they have a strong preference for black sand muck dives and that Markus is absolutely crazy about frogfish. And frogfishes he got. They saw minimum 25 different individual frogfishes while they were staying at NAD Lembeh Resort. Among these frogfishes of various sizes were Painted Frogfish, Hairy Frogfish, Shaggy Frogfish, Warty Frogfish, Giant Frogfish, Scarlet Frogfish and Sargassum Frogfish. They were really happy with Stenley as their Dive Guide and our Chief Dive Guide Paulus replacing him on his days off. This picture shows one of two Painted Frogfish we found at Pulau Abadi. See you next year Nicole and Markus!

  1. Nicole und Markus
    26/02/2012 at 11:49 AM

    Vielen vielen Dank euch allen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wir sind gerade in Deutschland angekommen, seufz!!!!!!!!! und würden am liebsten direkt wieder in den Flieger steigen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dank dem gesamten NAD-Team hatten wir einen unvergesslichen Urlaub bei EUCH!!! Wir kommen wieder nach Frogfishcity und die Suche geht weiter…. CRITTERHUNTING

    Liebe Grüße
    Nicole und Markus

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