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NAD Lembeh Blog has 100 posts!

This seahorse was seen at Madidir

Our NAD-Lembeh BLOG is now running for about 4 months and reaches 100 posts with this post. We are very happy, that all you guys keep following our BLOG Posts – thank you very much. It is a fanstastic winter season here in Lembeh with many cool critters and good diving in the whole Strait. We are having great dives these days from California Dreaming all in the north to Madidir all in the south (this is also where i took this shot of this cute litle seahorse posing in the sand) – and we also found some new dive spots.
But we are also having a very productive period in our resort with a lot of improvement projects. We are changing a lot of furniture, making new garden paths, working on gardening, re-finishing bungalows, changing over to energy saving fridges and doing maintanance on one of our boats.

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