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Shrimps, Shrimps, Shrimps …

Harlequin Shrimp on sea star

As always Lembeh Strait offers premier Critter Diving. But these days there seem to be a lot of “special” shrimp around. Besides all the  different cleaner shrimps, commensal shrimps and other shrimps i see these days a big amount of rare species like Harlequin Shrimps, Tiger Shrimps, Hairy Shrimps, Rock Shrimps, Bumblebee Shrimps, Soft Coral Shrimps, Xenia Coral Shrimps, Sawblade Shrimps, different coloured Skeleton Shrimps, Leander Plumosus and our newly discovered green Phyccocaris species … and probably some others that i forgot. And of course we are also seeing our usual suspects like frogfishes, seahorses, octopus, cuttlefish, scorpionfish, nudibranch, crabs and and and

Tripadvisor Travellers Choice 2012

travellers choice awardThank you to all our guests for voting for us in the Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Awards. In the ‘Bargain Hotels of Indonesia’ we placed 15th.  We are the highest placed of the hotels in the Lembeh Area, and 2nd highest for North Sulawesi, a special congratulations to Jaako and Mia from Living Colours Resort over in Bunaken for finishing 14th.

See for yourself here.

New Dive Site

Cryptic Phyllodensium at new dive spot

On yesterdays morning dives we wanted to go to Batu Sandar 2 (or “Rojos”) but there were already 3 boats on site (2 directly on the dive site and one boat just jumping next to the dive site). So we decided to try something new and avoid the crowds. We kept going until we reached a little beach in between Batu Sandar 2 and the next village … and jumped in. It turned out to be a very good decision: Not only had the dive site an attractive mix of corals, rubble and sand – there were also lots of critters around. Directly after decending i found a little hairy type of octopus which was the first highlight of the dive. Then we had nudibranch galore – with one cool species after another, xenia coral shirmp, nice crab species and even a mimic octopus in the deeper, sandy part of the dive site. So even though we did not get to go where we planned we still had a fantastic dive with lots of critters and even more privacy: Our 4 guests had the dive site for themselfs with 3 Spotters – Paulus, Joni and Serge. The picture shows a tiny Cryptic Phyllodensium nudibranch on a little ascidian. We will go back there soon and we are also already thinking about a name.

NAD Guest Galleries: Kim Yusuf

Lizardfish eating Octopus by Kim Yusuf @ NAD Lembeh Resort

Let us introduce you to a new feature on our NAD Lembeh website – the Guest Galleries. Little portraits of UW Photographers that stayed with us at NAD Lembeh. The first Gallery is from Kim Yusuf from Germany who stayed at NAD Lembeh already three times … have a look at his pictures. If you have stayed with us before and have a nice set of images you would like to share – feel free to contact us.

Fighting Two Spot Wrasses

Two Spot Wrasses fighting

Lembeh is not only a place to see rare critters – due to its shallow depths and easy diving conditions it is also a very good place to observe marine animal behavior. After some busy days doing gardening work in the resort i finally went diving again yesterday afternoon. And it was a treat to be in the water again … we went to Sarena Beasar (a white sand rubble dive on an Island in the middle of the Lembeh Strait) and besides lots of cool critters i was lucky enough to witness these two Two Spot Wrasses (Oxycheeilinus bimuculatus) having a little territorial fight. They were biting each others mouth for about a minute before the stronger one took over the little coral they were fighting about. The weaker looser went then off to another coral near by – which honestly looked just as attractive to me as the one they were fighting about. A little bit like humans these wrasses 😉

Markus and Nicole – the Frogfish Maniacs

One of the 25 Frogfishes seen by Markus

Today Markus and Nicole from Germany left NAD Lembeh Resort after a 20 days stay with us. And during that stay we found out really quickly that they have a strong preference for black sand muck dives and that Markus is absolutely crazy about frogfish. And frogfishes he got. They saw minimum 25 different individual frogfishes while they were staying at NAD Lembeh Resort. Among these frogfishes of various sizes were Painted Frogfish, Hairy Frogfish, Shaggy Frogfish, Warty Frogfish, Giant Frogfish, Scarlet Frogfish and Sargassum Frogfish. They were really happy with Stenley as their Dive Guide and our Chief Dive Guide Paulus replacing him on his days off. This picture shows one of two Painted Frogfish we found at Pulau Abadi. See you next year Nicole and Markus!

Orchids flowering

Orchid flowering in the garden of NAD Lembeh Resort

After posting many Posts about the marine life of Lembeh Strait in our Lembeh Blog we now have some updates from our garden (in which we right now – due to gardening projects – spend more time, than in the water). We are proud to announce that some of the Orchids, that we planted on the trees in our garden are flowering. The one on the picture is just in front of room number 5 and there are more coming in front of room number 7. Another Orchid on the path to the bungalows just finished flowering. And we also started to harvest various types of chilies: green and red Jalapenos, Twilights, Maldivian Chili and Rica Panjang. Besides that we now have a big stock of Basil, Rosemary, Dill and Mint. We are very happy to see that they plants are feeling well in our garden.