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Rumble in the Rubble: our new Hot Spot

Diving in Lembeh Strait is good all year round – but the Hot Spots constantly shift. Sometimes a place is full of critters and some weeks later they are gone just to pop back up on another place. And we found our Hot Spot for this month: A nice rubble area in between 15 and 25 meters with countless critters to be discovererd (and no … we won’t write here which divesite it is ;)).

When we went back there yesterday we found 5 Frogfish (4 Painted Frogfish and one Scarlet Frogfish) and 9 Tiger Shrimps (one with eggs) on just one dive. But it is also all the little things we find in between – a lot of Nudibranchs of various species, Pygmy Cuttlefish, Flatworms, Shrimps, many different kinds of Scorpionfish, rare Gobies … it is a real Lembeh Dive where you basicly hop from one photo subject to the next. This shows clearly how different Lembeh can be, when you visit at different times of the year – and when you try different spots.

Scarlet Frogfish

Scarlet Frogfish

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