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Trip to Batu Kapal: another side of Lembeh

(Just to clarify before writing this article: We still go Muckdiving everyday and see lot’s of stunning macrolife. These special trips are only done by one of our boats for guests that request it – so don’t worry, wou will still get proper Lembeh Diving at NAD …)

Yesterday we went on a halfday trip to Batu Kapal – a small pinnacle off the northern tip of Lembeh. This current rich pinnacle is a magnet to all kind of marine life and a fantastic dive if timed well with the tide tables. On this trip we had a slow/medium current, so we could work our way over the plateau next to the pinnacle and encounter Whitetip Reef Sharks, Big Groupers, massive schools of Surgeons, Snappers, Oriental Sweetlips and Bannerfish. Also fantastic softcoral right on the pinnacle itself. A must see for coral and fish fans, but also a welcome change for muckdiving fans …
Then on the way back we dove Dante’s Wall another cool spot on the north end of the Strait … a nice wall with lots of Nudibranch, Pygmy Seahorse and 2 fantastic caves – one of them features even the cool flashlight fish.

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