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Squids mating and laying Eggs


This week when going in for the second dive at Aer Bajo 1, we decended as usual on the buoyline in the shallows. That buoy is ankered by concrete filled oildrums at 6 meters in the sandy bottom. The ropes up to the buoy are always filled with squid eggs – and often when we decend, we see some squids around. But on that dive it was rather special – when decending, there were around 15 big squids dancing and mating around the ropes. The group hovered around the buoyline while always one or two of them went in on the rope to place eggs. After the group decended to the dive site (to see Mimic, Frogfishes, Seahorses and more) i stayed around for a while and watched this beautiful ballet, that the squid were performing. As i slowly went closer i realized at one moment, that i am completely surrounded by squid … i could have basicly touched them. Unlucky, that i had a long Macrolens on – would have been the perfect wideangle shot. But to back up the story here is one blurry shot taken from distance 😉

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New Manager at NAD Lembeh

Since the beginning of October 2011 Serge is the new Manager at NAD Lembeh. He is here to support Simon in the resort and responsible for the Diving Operation. He has been in Lembeh already for a while and is also a UW Photographer with a passion for Critters. He is actively joining the dives and making sure everyone is having a good time on NAD dive boats … or maybe he just joins the dives for the nice cakes we have during surface intervals. Check here for more info.








Hot times in Lembeh

Hot times in Lembeh

To spice up our resort a little bit, we have planted a lot of different herbs and chilis in the garden. Besides Rosemarin, Basil and Mint, we also cultivate Dwarf Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Habaneros, Jalapenos, Maldivian Chili and the legendary Bhut Jolokia. This picture is a shot of our first fruiting Jalapeno plant … and a lot are following up. So extra sauces are coming up for those who whish to spice up their meals …

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Lembeh Sea Dragons in Love

As mentioned before, our old Dive Boat Banggai is now a Wreck on our housereef. This week i went in to sink another wooden boat close to it to put a second wreck attraction on the housereef. After finishing the sinking job i also went to check out the marine life on Banggai itself – and i was positively suprised: I counted the insane number of 10 Lembeh Seadragons on the hull of Banggai alone. These fascinating animals are already amazing  in daytime, but at dusk it is pure magic. The couples will let go of the wreck and swim together for mating. It is a unique experience, that can be seen easily shorediving from NAD Lembeh …

Lembeh Night Safari


We love Critters, we love unusual behaviour, we love night diving – and this is why we will have another Night Safari in 2012 – a week with a rather extreme dive schedule for extreme encounters!

What to Expect:

A Weeks stay at NAD-Lembeh Resort; with Night Diving as the main focus. In 2011 it was a great success and this year we hope to explore even further up the straights looking for unusual critters through the night. For Lembeh Addicts this is ideal as you are diving at less dived times of day. On the Dusk Dives we will look for Picturesque Dragonets, Mandarinfish, Mating Flasher Wrasse, Mating Lembeh Sea Dragons and other specific dusk behaviours. During the middle of the night we hope to see different / more critters than normally observed on the earlier night dives. There is also the advantage of having the dive sites to ourselves (more than likely) without other resorts being in the water.


18th to 25th February 2012.

18th Arrival Day: 6pm Night Dive

19th Transition Day. 3pm Afternoon Dive, 5pm Dusk Dive, Dinner, 10pm Night Dive

20th Dusk Schedule: 5pm Dusk Dive, Dinner, 10pm Night Dive, 1am Night Dive

21st Night Schedule: 6pm Night Dive, Dinner, 10pm Night Dive, 1am Night Dive

22nd Super Night Schedule: 10pm Night Dive, 1am Night Dive, 4am Night / Sunrise Dive

23rd Night Schedule: 6pm Night Dive, Dinner, 10pm Night Dive, 1am Night Dive

24th Transition Day: 11am Day Dive.

25th Departure Day: Departure or continuation on a different package.

Total Dives included: 17

Breakfast will be whenever you wake up after the night diving nights (from last years experience, around 12noon). Lunch is usually with the other guests that are on the typical day schedule. Dinner is planned to be with the other guests at the typical time. On the Boat we serve snacks and tea / coffee between the twin tank dives. On returning from the dives in the middle of the night there is a light snack available (toast, noodles, etc – let us know what you prefer).


Throughout the Lembeh Straits, on both Black Sand sites and Coral Sites because we are doing twin tank Night Dives in the middle of the night we will go further and explore the less (night) dived areas.

How and How much:

Book directly with NAD at

Price per person based on twin sharing in an Airconditioned room: $1056USD. Bungalow: $1122USD

Big tanks – long dives



Even though diving in Lembeh is very shallow, people often reach the reserve of their Air or Nitrox Tank. Because the Buddy uses less Air, because divers get too excited about the Lembeh critters, because the critters stay deeper, because people have bigger lungs … there are many reasons why 80 cubic feet of compressed air could not be enough. No matter what the reason is, we have now a solution for the problem: A bunch of 100 cf tanks to be used with normal Air or Nitrox. Please drop us a line , if you would like to reserve some of these tanks for your stay here

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Punk Frogfish

Today at Aer Bajo 2 it was quite busy, so i decided to look around a bit deeper and swam down the slope off the divesite. At 29 meters i found this little Frogfish under some pieces of sponges and leaves. The Bugger is only about 2 cm big and has that extraordinary white line along his body. It even goes through his lips and his antenna is aslo in this white sandy colour. This design makes him look quite punky …

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